The Cape

My Oldest daughter was asked to attend Pre Teen Louisiana.  The basic “competition” is battled on paper.  Grades, awards, volunteer work, etc.  And then they interview the children.  But they ALSO had optional competitions.  Talent, Speech, and COSTUME!!!!  A STATE costume.  Something that represents your little corner.  Down here, we are known for the Fur and Wildlife Festival.  I wanted to make a pelican or shrimp boat costume, but I was voted down!  LOL  So Fur Fest Queen it is.  The KEY to the costume is going to be the cape/collar thing.  On it are icons of our industry.  Here are a few before and after pictures of the ones I have done so far.

Oysters before

oysters after

shrimp before

shrimp after

And the dress is coming out GLORIOUS!!  I ALSO have to make a poodle skirt and petticoat.  Those are done.  The real pictures will have to wait for 2 weeks.  I’ll keep giving sneak peaks, so ya’ll don’t think I’m shirking my duty!!  LOL  I’ve been BUSY!!

That’s me under there.  Pinning up the underskirt hem!!

peace and pieces,

One response to “The Cape

  1. Looks great… what a wonderful mom you are. And a memory that will last forever!

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