the next 2

I will have 3 tops to quilt when I get these done.  The purple and gold “Geaux” and these 2 scrappy twins.  I know for SURE that one will be on this royal blue.

The 2nd is up in the air.  I have a red design wall–It looks AWESOME on this shade.

But I can ALSO see this done in chocolate brown, navy, or a hunter green.  SOOOO many options!!  LOL

And I think I’ll show you all the back of the cape.  But NOT the front view.  Queen Gabrielle needs her hair and crown before I show all of it off!

peace and pieces,

3 responses to “the next 2

  1. The cape finished up really cute! I REALLY like those blocks on the blue. Sew pretty!

    • Thank you!!! She is going to have so much fun at this thing. I’m super proud of her. And the blue quilt looks even better now that it’s mostly done. Just need the wide borders. YAY!

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