Summer Bow Ties

I’ve been trying to figure out HOW to make quilts for both boys, when I have NO TIME for my paying projects.  Well, THIS idea might work!!  1 block a day, for the whole summer = 95 blocks!!  And if I even piece a row a week, it might actually get put together!!  We will see.  The link to the original blog is HERE.

They have a facebook page too!  And I’ve decided, for cutting ease, to use the 3-D method shown HERE.

AND, I managed to finally quilt one of the t-shirt quilts.  Took me long enough!   MAN these suckers are heavy.  She is an amazingly accurate piece-er.  2 sided t-shirt quilt, and it matches almost EXACTLY.  I’m not that accurate!!  Of course, I’m always in a hurry.  That would explain a LOT!!

I’ll show pictures later.  Maybe when I finish the 2nd.  I have 3 total to do.

peace and pieces,

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