JOSEPHINE!!  My amazing husband said we can swing this, as long as my business continues doing as well as it is.  With 6 quilts due before Christmas, I think it will!!  So a lot of research led me to the Tin Lizzie team.  While the head is cast in China, the rest is made entirely in the USA.  Frame, electronics, etc.  I can live with that!!!  She in an Empress line, so I named her for Napoleon’s empress, Josephine!!  I’m sure it’ll be shortened to Jo or Josie.  But right now I’m mad at her!!  So Josephine it is!!!

Why am I mad??  Cause she won’t WORK!!!  I know it’s mostly operator error, and an encoder.  Add in a slightly warped frame (also from operator error), a bunch of cranky kids, and there you have it!!  I’ve sent an email to the dealer, although with the holiday weekend, I expect to hear nothing until Tuesday.  I’ll try the 888# tomorrow, just to be sure.

Anyway, here is the haughty Empress Josephine!!  Newest member of my staff!

One response to “Introducing…..

  1. Hope you get Jo working soon. Just gotta get past that learning curve.

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