Geaux Tigers

Here it is!!  This is the twin-sized quilt for the La Leche League.  It will be raffled Aug 6th, at the Prien Lake mall.  Tickets are on sale NOW!  This is in honor of World Breast Feeding Week.  Tickets available NOW for $1 a chance.

This is quilted on the Long Arm.

Yes, that’s a wood bee in the picture.  Darn thing was annoying.  His shadow is on the bottom corner!!  LOL

I used what is called a Pantograph.  I stood behind the machine and traced a paper pattern with a laser light.  The machine was sewing while I guided it.

Tiger stripes!!

The back!

closeup of the quilting

super close up!  I LOVE the “negative” space left unquilted!

I am LOVING the new machine!!  Me and Josephine are finishing things in record time!

peace and pieces,

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