An old favorite

I was going through all of my pictures the other day, trying to organize the quilt ones again.  eventually, I want a main page JUST for picture galleries.  But for now, NOT happening!  LOL

Anyway, I saw this one again.  And I just LOVED it when I made it, and I still love it now. In fact, I loved it so much that it has been entered in the Quilter’s Gallery Weekly contest.  Voting is open now, but with 50+ entries, I dont have a shot!  LOL

There is a really great lady in my community who had cancer.  I thought she would need some “hugs” to take with her the chemo treatments.

Me and my Little Bernina went to town!!   And on the BACK, huge friendship stars.

The stars were handed around to the community and her family/friends all signed it.  She said that she would find new signatures every time she looked at it!

Even the little ones who couldn’t write!   See the handprints?

And a tradition here is to “fill” a gift quilt with extra love before sending it.  My sweetest little girl did that for me!!

And the best news?   At her last checkup she was in remission!!

Yup, another quilt that makes me smile!!

peace and pieces,

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