Scrap-Happy Boy Quilt #1

This is for one my OLDEST and closest friends.  Her sons need quilts, and this is for the younger of the 2.  I hope he loves it!!

I laid it out on the boy’s Captains Bed.  It lays nicely.

It hangs just as far on the wall side, too.

He had to fill it with LOVE!!

I threw it on the lawnmower, because the colors are truer outdoors.

I LOVE the “water” meander.  It looks really nice, and it’s not too girly for a boy!

A cool back with the leftover blocks.

And some super scrappy binding.  I hope she loves it, because I sure as heck do!!


peace and pieces,

2 responses to “Scrap-Happy Boy Quilt #1

  1. What a gorgeous quilt!! Is it your own pattern? What size are the squares in the block? Such a great scap buster!!


  2. I saw one very very similar in a quilt magazine. One of the Scrap ones. I forget which one right now (oops) I decided that the squares were too small, so I redrew it using EQ6. The squares are CUT at 4.5 inches/finish 4, and the sashing is CUT at 2 inch/finish 1.5. Thank YoU!

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