Well, I’ve been trying to work, but there were a few problems.  Something happened to my Long Arm, and she just went bonkers!  It was a few days before I could drive the 3 hours to get her to the dealer.  And of course, he tried VERY hard to walk me through some basic stuff over the phone, but it was just too much.  Long story short–it was a factory defect, and all was made right.

Unfortunately, the day after we got home TS Lee came through.  We have mega issues with our power company here, so I don’t use either of my machines.  I had to wait.  THEN the girls, the baby, and I ended up with a stomach virus.  So my machine still hasn’t been reset.  But today, I am hoping to get the 2nd ScrapHappy done, so I can mail the darn thing.  SO much to do, SOOOOO little time!

Because I can’t leave without some sort of picture, let’s see what I can dig up.

Yup–he made me smile, too!!

peace and pieces,

3 responses to “Delays

  1. Annette and Charles Norman

    This is such a cool picture of the donkey quilt on the donkey. Is this one of Dinah’s cute donkeys?

  2. Now that is the most interesting way I’ve seen to display a quilt. I had to show it to my DH and his parents. Thanks for the laugh! Cute quilt, too!

  3. This is NOT my picture, though. I stumbled across it and loved it. But I didn’t find it again to give credit. Guess I should have specified that it isn’t mine. Sorry!!!!!

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