Gearing up for the craft fair

I’m working hard on getting some small things ready to sell at the craft fair.  Last year I posted things as I went along, and I presold a great deal of it.  I’ve been a bit more private this time, and for a good reason!!  HAHA  As SOON as I posted the 8 penguin place mats on my Facebook page, they were sold!

I know–they ARE cute, aren’t they!  I washed and dried them now, and they crinkled perfectly.  Time to go find a box.

I also have a bunch of animal print bookmarks and a bunch of ribbon bookmarks.  Working on some can cozies, hopefully some waterbottle cozies, a new pattern for the journal covers, lip balm holder, Christmas potholders, Christmas coasters, and a bunch of ceramic tile coasters.  LOTS to choose from!!  I’ll post pics eventually, but not too soon.  JUST soon enough to get you interested!

Craft Fair is Nov 12th 2011 here in Grand Lake.  In the meantime, there is another fair THIS WEEKEND at St Luke in Lake Charles.  I have a friend there–M.I.L.K.  She has some AMAZING stuff.  Here is her FaceBook business page.

And these are my ribbon bookmarks.  LOVE them!!  And at a quarter a piece, the kids will too!!


peace and pieces,

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