The Holly and The Ivy

Step one–find a GORGEOUS strip set.  I used “Holly” by Moda.

Step 2–sew them into one LONG strip.

Step 3–Fold in half and sew LONG sides together.  Continue four more times.  1 strip turns into 2, 2 into 4, 4 into 8, 8 into 16, and 16 into 32.

Step 4–Panto an awesome pattern on the quilt.  See my butterfly??

Step 5–Bind.

Step 6–Wash and let it turn into awesome crinkly goodness!!

Step 7–SNUGGLE!!!!

See you Saturday at the Craft Fair!!!

peace and pieces,

5 responses to “The Holly and The Ivy

  1. Oooooooh. Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love those jelly roll quilts!! Am doing 2 for Christmas gifts. So much fun and a great “canvas” for some large raw edge applique embellishment!!

    • I LOVE the raw edge applique over piecing, too! I use that sort of as a “trademark”! LOL this is the first time I’ve done one this method, but I WILL be doing it again! It was SOOO EASY!

  3. You do such lovely work!!! You always amaze me!! xoxo

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