Craft Fair Novemeber 2011

Wow what a DAY!!  It was amazing.  We actually used ALL of the tables in the building, setting up 10 booths.  For us, this is HUGE!  In the past we have been lucky to have 5.  Plans are already in the works for expanding.  But first, need more tables!!!

Here are the pictures of my booth.  Christmas Aisle on the right…

Safari in the center..

Everything else on the left.  “Autumn Leaves ”  has been spoken for!

I can’t believe I only sold ONE ornament!  Oh well.  They last!

This still makes me smile!  Wish I’d gotten the pic of me modeling it, poncho style!  LOL

The 2 candy place mat sets are still available, and about half of the pot holders.  When this vintage rocking horse came into our house a few Christmases ago, I NEVER thought it would be used so often as a photo and quilt prop!

Looks like I might have a few orders for  the Portraits.  Only 3 loaves of bread left, and these place mats are gone.  Half of the Apprentice’s pins sold, and probably half of the cups.

Safari stuff did GREAT!!  Only a few journals left, and 1 waterbottle tote.  No lip balm carriers, either.  Lots of bookmarks left, though.

My view.  This was before we started.

The Apprentice sold enough of her pins that she bought this hat from The Hook Up.

She also bought some sunglasses from the booth below, Sassy Trendz.

This was the the best I’ve ever seen for us so far.  And with plans to grow it, it can only get better!!!  Now, to head to church!  I have a LOT of thanking to do!

peace and pieces,

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