I am SWAMPED getting ready for Christmas.  Presents to make, presents to buy–All of it is just a tad much.  So Blogging went by the wayside.  Just know I’m NOT ignoring you all.  nor am I ignoring my machines!  Just wait–I’ll have a HUGE post once Christmas is over.  I can’t let anyone see what they’re getting, now can I??!!

But I can post a few things.  Like these batik blocks.  The Contraband Quilters Guild is putting together a quilt that will be raffled off.  As soon as I know more, I’ll give you all the details.  I can tell you one thing, just these 6 blocks are amazing!  I can’t imagine what an entire quilt will look like!

here are a few of the tree skirt!  The Apprentice shows that it can be a human skirt…

And I am modeling it as a poncho!!

Not my best picture, but oh well!  The skirt also looks great around the tree!  LOL

peace and pieces,

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