“Makayla’s Butterflies”

This is a birthday present for a young lady.

The piano key border was the client’s idea!  It was a PITA, but it sure looks good, doesn’t it??

Notice, my “hidden” butterfly is NOT so hidden this time!

small butterfly #1


medium #1

medium #2


And the back is AWESOME!!!

Another one down!!   Now, just my NC nieces are left!  And one just needs a trim and a bath!!  Of course, the other needs to be quilted.

Off I go!

peace and pieces,

4 responses to ““Makayla’s Butterflies”

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is one of my favorites out of all that you have made. It is just perfect!

  3. I agree with Natasha. Perfect. I LOVE butterflies, and the colors are great.

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