Cameron Council on Aging quilt top.

I’m currently out of batting, so this is all I have to show.  I wanted it to look as Old Fashioned as I could, and it will be machine quilted on the Long Arm.  I’m thinking some swirly pattern of some sort.  Possibly the leaf panto.

And I’ve been working on the applique for the Olympic Poster quilt.   It’s printed out, and laid on the island.  I’ve already numbered and traced each element.  I’ve searched through the stash, and I have very few fabrics that will work.  I sure hope HobbyLobby has a BUNCH of Kona Cottons.

Yup–it’s THAT big.  Everything is numbered, then traced and re-numbered, and THEN, labeled on a note card.  This is the most intense applique I’ve done, so I need all the help I can!  LOL

oh NUTS.  I JUST realized that I did this wrong.  I should have flipped the image before printing it.  Everything is going to be mirror imaged this way.  Danggit.  Now I have to retrace the whole thing.  UGH!  Oh well.  Such is life, huh?!

Stay tuned!

peace and pieces,

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