How to fix a mistake!!! (a tutorial of sorts)

So today’s entire morning was spent trying to figure out HOW in the HECK I was going to reverse my pattern, after I’d done all the main work.  Well, the easiest way would have been to reprint the pattern in reverse, then retrace onto the wunderunder.  But computer ink is expensive.  And taping these darn pages together is a PAIN.  Soooooo….

First, trace the entire original pattern in sharpie and note all numbering.

Then trace onto what ever paper you choose.  I used computer paper and then the last of my freezer paper for the big pieces.

Flip and number on the WRONG side of the pattern.  The numbered side is now the RIGHT side of the pattern.  See how we reversed that????

Now, depending on your eyesight, the paper you used, and the marking pen you used (Sharpie for me), you may need to retrace THIS side of the pattern.  I didn’t have to.

Take your wunderunder and retrace the NEW, REVERSED pattern.

If you already marked your fusible, and don’t want to waste it, use another marking pen that is obviously different.  The first marking is pencil and the 2nd is red Sharpie.

And WHAT if you mess up this way too??  Then your name might be Amy!  Sure hope I can actually understand my markings when I start fusing.  UGH.

So now I need to figure out how to get to HobbyLobby and buy my fabric.  I have only a few here that work.  It’s too late today, and I have a ToDo with the Apprentice tomorrow.  I guess Friday will have to suffice.

Hmmmmm…….THAT means, I’m FREE???  RIGHT???!  WOOHOOO!!   Going to grab that bowtie quilt and get to sewing!!

right after I clean the kitchen floor!

peace and pieces,

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