Blog Hop Designer!!

Good Morning Everyone!!  I’m am SUPER excited!!  I’ve signed up to be a designer in a Blog Hop.  For those of you who only follow me because you LOVE me, that means people go from internet blog to internet blog.  Looking for things, or collecting patterns.  In this case, it’s a block pattern.  Starting April 1st, each blog on the list will offer a paper pieced quilt block centered around the theme “Garden Party”.  It’s sponsored by  The link to the sign up page is in my side bar!!

I first asked my daughters what Garden Party meant to them.  I ended up with flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies.  Then I asked Mom.  hehehe   She said WINE! Not a bad thought!  Sooooooooo, I added a lot of this together.  I’m super happy with my block so far.  I need to keep a lot of it a surprise, I think.  Yes–that is going to KILL me!!  BUT, I will show you this.  Needs some tweaking–notice the seams didn’t line up quite right…

Chardonnay, anyone??!!  LOL  I LOVE MY MOM!!

And now, BACK to the crazy applique.  All elements are stitched down.  The colored blocks for border 2 are cut.  I just need to measure and measure and measure again to get the panel cut to the exact right size.  The inner black border, too.

See ya’ll later!!!!


OH WAIT!!!   The Apprentice!  How could I forget?!?!?  She stole Bernie from me yesterday.  In the process of doing this, she reached 4 of the 21 goals for her 4H project!!  She pieced and quilted the front panel, added the back, shoved in a pillow form, and hand sewed the opening.  Threaded the machine, threaded the hand needle–Yup!!   That is my little quilter!

peace and pieces,

2 responses to “Blog Hop Designer!!

  1. How do I sign up to follow the blog hop??

  2. I’m not positive! but this is the link to sign up to be a designer. I guess you just need to visit the site every day. MY day is April 30th. I’m saving the best for last!! LOL

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