Contest coming soon! And Scrap Attack

First—don’t forget my Blog Hop!  I’m working hard on that block, and I’m really REALLY happy with the way it’s turning out!!!  Link is here to the right!

Second—I’m joining a contest!   I’m already under contract to make a super scrappy PINK concoction.  I’ll enter it in the contest, and might win one of the YUMMY prizes!!   Wish me LUCK!!

The link is over in the sidebar  ———————————————————->
labeled Scrap Attack!  I can’t wait to show this off.  I hope it looks as good as I’m dreaming!

Third—look for a contest coming soon.  VERY soon!  The winner will receive a finished miniquilt measuring about 30inches square.  Perfect for the table, or hanging on a wall!  This is it without the final border.


peace and pieces,

2 responses to “Contest coming soon! And Scrap Attack

  1. Did you design it? It’s cute! It has lots of movement with the 9 patches and the HST’s. Good luck with the others.

    • Thanks!! Yes Ma’am, I did! I just LOVE the way it came out. I will end up offering it as a pattern at some point. I’m just trying to decide if I should offer it free first, or go straight to charging!

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