Contest and GIVEAWAY!!!

OK guys!!  I’m super excited about this!   Playing around one day, I designed this amazing little mini.  22 inch square!  So far, I’ve made 2 tops, and a friend made the 3rd.  I’ve also made a million versions in EQ playing with colors.

This is the first one.  I’m hand quilting it and giving it away as an online swap.

This is the one my amazing friend and pattern tester made.  Please go visit Manders at


And THIS will be finished and will be the prize.

So, HERE is the contest.  I have no idea what to name this pattern.  I’m really proud of it, and I’d like to market it.  But I have no name.  I need nominations.  The nominations will be turned into a poll, and I will have you all pick a winner.  Whomever nominated the winning name will receive the finished quilt.

Here is a gallery of all the color combos.  Some are only 3 colors, while others are 5 or 6.  The pattern I originally market will be only 3.

Nominations may be ONLY made ON this blog post.  GEAUX!!

peace and pieces,

22 responses to “Contest and GIVEAWAY!!!


  2. 1) Louisiana Kaleidoscope
    2) Block squared
    3) Kaleidoscope of Birds
    4) Amy(‘s) Burst

    No matter what you name it, it is beautiful!!!

  3. Amy’s Kaleidoscope

  4. Expanding Horizons. I really love the bottom, left version (grown to be larger) with the applique. I seldom do applique, but I would with this. Love this pattern.

  5. Bonnie Cutting

    Amy’s Glory LOVE IT! They all give a different feel with the differing colors. It’s perfect.

  6. Bar’s and Block’s Forever

  7. Desert Gringa

    Ripples in the Water

  8. 1. Calico Corners
    2. Skipping Stones

  9. 1) (Amy’s) Dreamcatcher
    3) Butterfly’s compass

  10. Shameron Allen has contacted me. She is having some issues leaving a comment. Her name is Rhapsody in Rose.

    Keep the names coming, guys!! I LOVE them!

  11. Rhapsody in Rose

  12. Phantasmagoria—-which means a fantastic sequence of imagery, as seen in dreams 🙂

  13. Brenda -hapybren

    Strawberry Lemonade

  14. SouthLand
    Piedmont Plane

  15. Wow everyone’s having such great suggestions!

  16. Infinity
    Whispered Wishes
    Delighted Dreams

  17. 1. Pink Petals
    2. Flowering Dreams
    3. Garden of Dreams

  18. Trinity
    Butterfly Kisses
    Sacred Answers

  19. (Amy’s) Mariposa which is butterfly in Spanish

  20. Shapes

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