The Apprentice is in a contest

I have joined many of these contests in the past, and I’ve only asked for your votes one time.  That’s just not my style!  But in THIS case, I’m begging!!   The Apprentice made that pillow a month back, and I entered it in the Quilting Gallery Contest.  PLEASE go look for her and vote!  It’s labeled Gabby’s First Pillow.  Thanks in advance!  She is so excited to not be in last place!!   In fact, at last look, she was in 6th!!  of 40!  I’m so pleased!!!!

Quilting Gallery Quilted Pillow Contest

Thanks in advance.  You have until midnight tomorrow to vote.

And for being so awesome, here’s another peak of some GORGEOUS fabric I just got.  I think it’s destined to be a bag, but I’m not sure yet.  Ideas?

peace and pieces,

One response to “The Apprentice is in a contest

  1. SHE”S IN 5th NOW!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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