Name the pattern now!

OK, remember this pattern?  I made 2 and my friend Manders tested the third.

You can go see all the other color combinations here.

We ended up with 32 nominations for the name!!  AWESOME!   So here is a poll.  Since there are so many, I’ll do it in waves.  You may choose up to 5 names.  Top 10 will make it to Round 2.  You have until Wednesday at NOON CST to vote.  THANKS!

peace and pieces,

3 responses to “Name the pattern now!

  1. It only let’s you vote once!

  2. OK–fixed it. And I THINK you can repeat vote-so if you want to redo the others, you should be able to. i had to turn the Block Repeat Voting off to get it to take more than 1 choice.

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