The Apprentice is in the lead!!–and a quilttop is almost done

I can NOT believe it, but my babygirl is in 1st place in the Quilting Gallery Weekly Contest!!!!  I’m just amazed.  I admit, I’m begging for votes on Facebook!!  But she was in 7th (out of 40) before I even started!  Voting ends tonight at midnight.  You can vote for up to 5 pillows, but if you’re trying to help her win, I wouldn’t!  Competition is stiff.  Even if she doesn’t win, this has been an absolute BLAST!!!  She’s so excited.  Her pillow is labeled Gabby’s First Pillow.

Even if you aren’t voting for The Apprentice, please go and vote for those that you do like.  I love The Quilting Gallery contests.  And all the swaps that she hosts.  It’s a good site to join.

I stayed up late last night working on this.  It’s going to be gorgeous, isn’t it??  It’s for an old friend of mine–a true Princess.  LOL  Pink and girly was her request!  I think this should fit the bill once it’s done!

Don’t forget-you can vote once from each IP address.  If you use a wireless router for your cell, go on network and you can vote again!

OH!   And I’m closing the nominations for the Pattern competition.  I’ll have a poll up soon!  Thanks for all the help there, too!!!


peace and pieces,

One response to “The Apprentice is in the lead!!–and a quilttop is almost done

  1. What a great quilt that is going to be.

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