We have a WINNER!!

I’m still not sure how the poll had over 100 votes in just 2 hours, when it had less than 100 votes for 3 days, but it is what it is.  First place, with 70 votes, was “Humperdink” with Phantasmagoria.  I contacted the winner, and she actually declined the prize!!   Probably because I’m in the middle of making her 2 contract pieces as we speak!!!  She’s a really great gal.  Anyway, she asked that I give it to the next place winner, with 65 votes, “Denise S.” with Butterfly Kisses.  So Denise, please contact me ASAP!  Your comment didn’t have an email.  Please comment here so I can get your info and mail your prize!  You have until Monday at noon, CST to contact me!

The newly named "Butterfly Kisses"

2 responses to “We have a WINNER!!

  1. Denise S is me Shishie! Thank you Humperdink, I will treasure this forever, and of course thank you Butterfly Angels this is beautiful work!

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