busy busy busy!!

I’ve been swamped lately.  The Hubs had to go out of town for a long job, and I’ve been a tad occupied with the “Employees”!!  LOL  They do keep me hopping.  Then I had a miserable head cold that had me out on the couch for 4 days.  But I’m back, and raring to go!!!

“Butterfly Kisses” was shipped to the winner.  She asked that it be unquilted, because she wants to add to it.  Can’t WAIT to see what she does!!!  Then I made 4 Easter Baskets.  I didn’t use any batting, and they are a tad floppy.  Bust still totally ADORABLE!!  Here’s one!

I also finished the top to a super scrappy Pink Thing!

Started piecing a Carpenters Square…

Made the first half of the blocks for the next quilt..

Made a few passes on the Raffle Quilt…

and finished a baby quilt, AND the handquilted mini.  I hope to have pictures tomorrow for those. They deserve their own post.  I bought some fabric, too.  Not sure WHAT to make with them.  The craft fair looms close!  Only 2 more weeks.  and I have VERY little to sell that is small and affordable.  Any ideas???  Here is the fabric…

All are Fat Quarters, except the roll of strips.  I can’t figure out what to do!!  HELP!

I’m off for the night.

peace and pieces,



3 responses to “busy busy busy!!

  1. A floppy “rag doll” type of bunny thing? LOL not sure how to say that…little stuffed Easter eggs with a white “spot” for parents/grandparents/who ever to personalized. I’ll have to keep thinking on it for you 🙂

  2. Summer is coming. What about things like, sunglass cases, small summerish tote bags?

  3. You could make sippy cup leashes.

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