The Quilting Gallery New Beginnings Blog Swap

You’ve been watching my progress.  You just didn’t know it! This is the newly named “Butterfly Kisses” pattern that I’m working up.  SOON it will be available as a free PDF tutorial!  This was the first version with extra colors.  I honestly like it better than the 3 color version, but the tutorial already took FOREVER!!!

I actually sat down long enough to handquilt this.  I NEVER do anything by hand.  I just don’t have the time.  But I forced myself.  And I LOVED it!!   I started with echoing everything in white.  but you KNOW I had to add my butterfly.  Long story, but I screwed up and messed up my fabric!!   The light blue covered a very poor marking decision on one of the squares.  And then, I LOVED IT!!!   So I added some orange peel-ish quilting too.

I’m really happy with the way this turned out.  But even BETTER—My PARTNER seems to love it!!   She is a quilter named Kelly.  Her life seems very similar to mine (poor lady!!  LOL)  Go check out her work!  Her blog is A Plain Path.

Strangely enough, I had this all the way done, and had started on the quilting when I finally checked out her blog.  And found where she used the SAME fabric to make a hexagon project!!  Was that kismet, or WHAT?  I hope this gives you as much joy, Kelly, as I had while making it!!

Now, the OTHER project!!!   I used a pattern/tutorial from Moda to make a Baby Quilt!

Isn’t it beautiful??  Yes, you Connecting Threads fans–this is yet another one of their fabric collections.   This one is quite old, but I never had a good reason to use it.  The back is cute, but simple.

Those specs are the pins, before the flaps were sewn down.  Now—-WHO can I give this to??  SOMEONE needs to have a baby girl!  LOL

I’m in the middle of about 4 other projects right now, plus the craft fair NEXT WEEKEND!!  AAAKKKK  Wish me luck.  Because I’m about to lose my MIND!!

peace and pieces,

7 responses to “The Quilting Gallery New Beginnings Blog Swap

  1. Your work is just lovely. I also want to thank you for he :Butterfly Kisses”. I received it and it is lovely. Since I want to make it bigger I will dtart working on it soon, first to do a little shopping!

    • I’m glad you like it! I have a complementary stripe that came with that stuff, but it was only the blue/green/black, I didn’t like it much. So I’m going to try and toss together a baby quilt for the craft fair. MAYBE! LOL

  2. Two cute quilts. Hand quilting is addictive.

  3. Love it so much…yes, I do! Thank you, thank you! I just shared on my blog. Finally! Sorry it took me a few days. We had my son’s birthday, then two intense days of yard work, by which I am sore and a teensy bit sunburned….but, I just posted!! So happy and so looking forward to that pdf tutorial. Thanks again for spoiling me!

  4. I don’t see this in the Flickr group. Do you have a Flickr and if not, may I please share so others in the swap see what a beauty you made?

    • I dont have a Flicker. And PLEASE share!!! I’d be honored!!! I havn’t even shared the one that I got yet. I need to take pictures today. Wait til you see!! It has hand EMBROIDERY!! I have never been brave enough to try that!

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