COA Raffle quilt

This really needs a better name.  Any ideas?

Tickets are available NOW.  $1 a piece.  Raffle to be drawn in May—the tickets aren’t in front of me, so the exact date is a blur right now. 

I LOVE the feather panto I used.  It came out so pretty and soft.

It’s a slightly-larger-than-twin sized quilt.  It’ll be SUPER crinkly once I wash it!   Need some color catchers.  It will be on display Saturday at the Grand Lake Craft Fair.  Come on down and see it, AND all the other awesome stuff our community will have for sale!

peace and pieces,

9 responses to “COA Raffle quilt

  1. This is so pretty! My mind is blank when trying to envision a name. What is the raffle for? You did a lovely job!

  2. how about this for a name..
    Country Charm
    I have to say that is the first name I thought of when I saw it and i had not even read your Message yet. Just gives me that country feeling of curling up on a porch swing with a good book and Ice Tea.

    Really love the colors.

    • oh that’s a thought, too! Someone on FaceBook suggested Family Traditions The fabric is a line from Connecting Threads. They had 2 different colorways, and I just threw it all together. I LOVE the big floral.

  3. Squared goodness!

  4. I LOVE this quilt, Amy. I love the pink one above it, too. But, I really love this one! Simply, Gorgeous!!

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