New Beginnings mini received!!!

Good Morning all!!!   It’s taking me 3 days to get this post to you.  There is just WAY too much on my plate!!  But this is from MY partner Crystal!!

Isn’t it ADORABLE????   You can check out her blog here.  LOOK at the embroidery!

I rarely do handwork–You ALL know that.  And this is FULL of hand embroidery.  I’ve never been brave enough to try that yet.

The eggs are my absolute favorite!!

And of course, the Apprentice loves the bunnies!

Thank you SO much, Crystal!!   I truly love it!!!  It is hanging on my front door and will likely be there through June!  LOL

peace and pieces,

3 responses to “New Beginnings mini received!!!

  1. Fun, festive, and adorable!! I love the embroidery as well. I just started doing some last year. Handwork is really starting to grow on me, just don’t have as much time for it with the busyness of four kids. So glad you got an adorable mini in return!

  2. that is really a cute easter hanging. I may have to check out the blog or site. Would not get it done in time obviously for this year but could shoot for next year. I sitll have not been able to get time to sit in my sewing room and do anything. I am hoping to have some time soon. Just need to collect fabric still for a stash sense mine was stollen from my house when we had our break in while we were moving. Lost tons of sewing stuff and embroidrey from my machine, including my sewing machine

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