Craft Fair in sight!

The craft fair is this SATURDAY!!  gulp   I am SOOO not ready.  No pot holders, no placemats, no runners.  I’m soooo far behind.  I do have some bookmarks, postcards, and quite a few coasters.  4 small baskets.  And so far FOUR CRAYON ROLLS!!  LOL  Working on more crayon rolls until the fair, but that’s about all.  I will instead devote the time to drumming up orders.  Showing off the quilts that I have here at my house, and of course the pictures on the frame.  I really need that darn LAPTOP!!  LOL  Soon.  I should have it well in advance of the November craft fair.

I hope to get pictures of the Soccer Ball quilt up this weekend, too!  It came out VERY nice!  Even if I DO call it the Quilt From HECK!  LOL  Just one of those “if it can go wrong it will” quilts.  I get at least one a year!

So a quick preview, and I’ll see ya’ll Saturday!!  

peace and pieces,

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