Rainbow mugrug

I have a CafeMom group of which I am an Admin.  I LOVE us!!  The most recent swap was a mug rug (not quite a coaster, not quite a placemat) and the theme was Rainbow.  The one I received was not a rainbow, but I love it nontheless.

But MINE, well, you tell ME!

Even the BACK is a rainbow!

I decided I didn’t want black thread on the back, but then the white poked through to the front.  See how there are tiny dots of white on the right side?

I fixed them.  How???

Just color those suckers!   Works great.  I won’t use this on a real quilt, but it’s perfect for these tiny things!

And now, here is MY quilt.  Her machine embroidery is amazing!

And last, here is the garden!!  This is all corn stalks.  Beautiful!!!!

Beans are on the far side, and nothing yet in the middle.  Working on that in the next few days.  I hope!!  Ants have also moved in, so I need to get rid of them first.

Kiddos are home, so I’m back to work!

peace and pieces,

2 responses to “Rainbow mugrug

  1. really like the butterfly mug rug. I thought it had the rainbow effect with out the actual shape of the rainbow.
    great tip on coloring the white thread that poked up with the black. Would not have thougth of that, I would just be ripping it out, fixing tension and probably yelling and cussing at myself, machine or both by that time LOL
    I like the embroidery on your mug rug as well that you got in return. I am hoping to actually sit and do something with mine now that I have a tiny bit of free time, and some extra money.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words! I really am pleased. It was a brainstorm!! And as far as teh sharpie marker—I’d read that on a messageboard. One woman owned a whole BUNCH and would color entire backs of baby quilts!! I thought that was a tad overboard! LOL But for a binding on a mugrug–oh HECK yes!!

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