Big News #3 Collaboration with a “31” Consultant!

Yes, folks, a new project!!!  My friend Charlene is a 31 Consultant. (See her page HERE)  31 sells those amazing totes and purses.  And other cute stuff.  They also have a “Skirt Purse”.  The idea is that you change the OUTSIDE of your purse.

But, well, the 31 skirts are kind of BORING to me!!   LOL.  Soooo…….

Now that is JUST the skirt itself. Inside the top edge will be hooks that attach to the purse.  I can’t WAIT to get in my purse so I can fit test this and make a BUNCH more!  Remember THIS post?  Those are the Cotton Duck fabrics I bought for this project.  And there are SOOOOO many options!  Can you imagine rosettes, ruffles, BLING?!  Oh Yeah–Gonna have some FUN with this one!

Thanks Charlene, for the opportunity!

peace and pieces,

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