Connecting Threads

So I’m sure most of you have seen me mention on here before.  It’s really my FAV online fabric store.  Not a whole heck of a lot of selection, but their collections are awesome, fabric feels SO nice, and the price can NOT be beat.  No, I am not getting paid for this.  I just LOVE this company!

Anyway, They did a re-release of the Riviera line.  I loved it the first go round.  It’s what I used for this.

So I told them on their Facebook page, and posted the above picture.  Someone liked it enough to comment, AND then reposted it!!  WOOHOO

It’s the simple things that get me excited, I know!  LOL

Wait til they see the baby suite I’m making out of their flannels!!

peace and pieces,

2 responses to “Connecting Threads

  1. Great job! It is a real pat on the back to recieve kuddos from a major fabric company!

  2. congrats on being mentions on Connecting Threads.
    Really like that pattern, is its easy to do. I have been quilting off and on but mostly off for over 16 years and tend to stay with the easy patterns. Work to hard around the farm so when it comes to quilting I do not want to use my brain to much at the end of the day LOL.
    Great color choices too.
    ps I am strungoutmom on the cafemom group

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