Hecks Haven

This is quite a bit off-topic, but I love animals.  Like, REALLY love animals.  I have SUCKER tattooed across my forehead, I think.  The current body count in the house is 3 dogs, 6 cats, and a rabbit.  We had guinea pigs, too.  They have crossed the rainbow bridge.  (and I’m trying to convince the Hubby to let me have some chickens!)

LC, my Favoritest Little Girl!!! Also the biggest PITA!

When I was in high school I hand raised the Science Club’s baby cockatiels. Then I went through a training program offered by the Audubon Zoo and became a songbird rehabilitator.  I successfully released quite a few!!

So the neighbor girl found a bird with a broken wing Tuesday evening.  I had NO idea what this bird was, and no supplies for bleeding/splints.  Internet, here I come!  It was a Nighthawk!  And they eat while flying, posing a very difficult task for feeding.

“Bob” the NightHawk

Thank heavens there was a rehab center only 20 min away!!!  This little bird needed a lot more than I could offer.  This place was AMAZING!!!  A huge pond with ducks, geese, and PELICANS!  Yes, pelicans!  2 whites, and 2 browns.  One had only a single wing, another had a messed up bill.

the 1 winged pelican

Mrs Heck pointed us toward the deer pen before rushing Bob off into her home.  I expected a few, but I was SHOCKED when I heard “thunder”.  A whole HERD!

deer herd

One was missing a leg.

3 legged deer

She had another pen with chickens and bunnies!  I don’t seem to have a picture of that.  But I DID get her “guards”!

peacocks on the roof

I’ve been asking around and it appears Mrs Heck is a magician with injured animals.  I hope she can work her magic on Bob.  I will call later to see if it is still alive.

I wanna be HER when I grow up!!!!!!!

2 responses to “Hecks Haven

  1. Oh my gosh I love animals to and it just lifts my spirits when I see people with the same understanding and do whatever they can to take care of animals. Last weekend I had the unfortunate luck of watching someones pet dog take the life of a cat. I tried with everything in me to chase after that dog and get the cat but couldn’t (probably a good thing because the dog would have probably attacked me). Its the first time that I saw anything like that in person and I must say that I was extremely devastated. I had two kitties in high school and they got me through rough times. Anyways I am babbling but awesome job finding “bob” somewhere that might be able to help.

  2. You have such a great heart! What wonderful work she (and, of course, you by rescuing Bob) are doing!

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