NOT neglecting!!!!!!

ready for the beach

So, for the past few weeks, I’ve been swamped. Kids getting out of school; inlaws visiting; long Memorial weekend at an AWESOME cabin.

This plant “makes me happy”, says The Apprentice!

And now MY parents and a double birthday party this weekend. Bear with me!! I have NOT ignored YOU. Even if I have neglected my gorgeous machines!!!

Best campfire ever!

I discovered Instagram right before we left.  Please be patient!!  Here is a bunch of the Instagram pics from my cell.  It’s the ONLY thing I could get my cell to do in that dead place!!

one of the many views

LOL  And no, I did NOT hand sew.  sigh.  I brought 4 Harry Potter books to reread.   It was AWESOME!!!

The Apprentice

It is hard for me to just take a break.

The MiniHubs, with his FIRST bass

But I DID!!

MY minime

Aren’t you proud??!  LOL

the WildOne and our newest baby. A Quaker parrot.

I’m sure my clients are a bit nervous!  LOL

but I PROMISE!!!  I have a new leash on life!

just pretty!

So be prepared!!!!

“Great Expectations”

This blog will be flooded once again, with LOADS of new projects!!

My oldest baby!!!!! Dolce, the sweetest labmix you have ever met.

That was one of the best long weekend I have ever had!!!!  I will be dragging the family up there again.  Hubs and I found the BEST “primitive camping” spot, too.  We just have to wait for MiniMe to grow up a bit.  The spot is on a BIG bluff–he needs to learn what NO means, or his behind will fall off!  LOL

peace and pieces,