New tool!

Since just after Christmas, I’ve been counting my pennies, scrimping and saving, and BEGGING!  LOL  I wanted and needed a laptop for the business.  It’s hard to have people in MY home when they have animal allergies, or the toys are everywhere.  I needed a way to get out to my clients instead.  So I have quite a few people to thank for my NEW HP LAPTOP!!!  My parents, my InLaws, My InLoves, my GrandInLove, my Grandfather, my husband’s Aunt….even my beautiful girls!!!!   Both of them robbed their piggy banks for me!!!   Shoot–Even #3 gave me a penny he found!!!  LOL  And of course my adorable hubby footed the rest.  I’m PSYCHED!

So who is going to be my first on-site consult?  EQ is loaded and ready to go!!

The baby suite is done, and will be shipped tomorrow.  Pics should be blogged by Friday!  No pics for this blog–I have nothing on the laptop yet!!!  But soon, VERY soon!!


peace and pieces,

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