swap items and an AWESOME lunch!!!!

First of all, I’m saving a block swap from flopping.  I have 3 of these made and will make 3 more today.

FlyFoot from Quilters Cache

And then I signed up for another mugrug swap.  I’m taking the opportunity to try new things.  This time I wanted to try curves.  The theme was “Birds”.  Well, curvy flying geese sounded good to me!  But when WildChild heard about it, she insisted on Zucchini the Quaker being used.  So I present, the Flying Zucchini MugRug!

It wasn’t perfect, but it was a tad easier than I had feared.  The geese themselves were easy as pie!  Just those darn curves.  In fact, I messed up and it was too small.  Hence, this funky add on!  oops

But I’m happy in general, and I hope my partner is too.

Now the garden–holy COW some of it is amazing.  My herbs are doing well, but the catnip and basil have skyrocketed!

WildChild with Catnip

Who knew herb blossoms would be so pretty!

nosegay of basil and dill

Some of that basil was put to GOOD use!!  I made a SUPER yummy sandwich today.  Doesn’t it make you drool??

and I didn’t save you  a single bite!!!!  hehehe   Sorry!

Off to finish those other blocks, and work on a WAY overdue project before starting on the new Baby Suite!   The “Pink Elephants” one was shipped today and will be in her hands friday.  So stay tuned for those!


peace and pieces,

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