Flannel Suite for Amy Leigh

I am SOOOO excited to show this off!!  Miss AmyLeigh is due any day now, and this is just perfect for a sweet girl.    Ruffled bedskirt…

Pink elephant on the bumper…

Bows holding it all together

And the softest flannel from Connecting Threads.

The crib quilt is a modified version of my pattern, Butterfly Kisses.

A few scraps make a bassinet quilt.  Also great for car trips!  And a diaper stacker to keep the nursery neat.

I even managed to make a few stuffies for a mobile.  My moon is a tad skinny.  oops.

I threw in a raggy stuffed A.  It was so cute!  I thought I took a good picture, but I can’t find it.  This cell shot will have to do.

I’m really excited.  And NOW, another set!!!  This one will be Sunset in Hawaii, and HERE are the fabrics.

But first, I have a Carpenter’s square to finish!  And also on the pipeline–2 twins and a crib, all matching colors, in a CELTIC theme!!   Busy Busy Busy!

peace and pieces,

10 responses to “Flannel Suite for Amy Leigh

  1. So pretty! I love the personalization!

  2. Very pretty. I’m a quilter, too, but I choose very simple patterns – usually patterns that I make up. I try to sew the quilt tops together quickly and spend most of my time hand quilting.

    Visiting from SITS.

    • I can’t WAIT to start hand quilting. I don’t have that luxury yet. I never get to just sit these days. I thought I was just too impatient, but then I did a small wall hanging and LOVED the peace. Unfortunately, with 4 kids, that time is very rare right now!!! I hope that links to your blog. I want to see some hand quilting!!!

  3. Adorable! I love the elephant!I love quilting, too!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  4. Wow! Beautiful work, and in flannel that quilt will be so cozy!

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