WildChild–The new Apprentice???

Well, WildChild did some sewing today.  And is in LOVE.  For now…..  LOL  She is a true Gemini.  One day it’s great, the next not so much.  But for today, she loves it!!  At the moment she has 2 panels of 3″ squares.

She has already changed the pillow design 2 or 3 times by now.  First it was going to be 2 pillows.  One with the dark print, one with the light print.  THEN she wanted 2 identical pillows-1 panel of each color.  and NOW, she wants a BIG pillow, but we had to add another fabric.  Yowsers this girl is on fire!  LOL

The Apprentice has also gone to work-making a pillow for one of her friends who is having a birthday next weekend.

Either way, Butterfly Angels is in good hands.

This is what I am SUPPOSED to be working on.  But A) monkeys are on my BERNIE!  And B) I can’t find my black thread.  Darn.

And while this isn’t the best pic of my BrownEyedBoy, I still like the picture.

And here is another of my Zucchini.  I don’t think I’ve posted it before.  if I have, tough!  LOL  He likes broccoli.  a LOT!

WildChild is back at the machine, sewing up the next set of colors.  I’m so proud!

peace and pieces,

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