Pillows, Pillows, and MORE pillows!

Once the WildChild decided she wanted to make a pillow, she DID!!   Start to finish, even the quilting. 

OK, so I hand sewed the stuffing hole closed.  but that was all! 

It’s gorgeous!  I’m super proud of her for completing this.

Then The Apprentice decided she could not be outdone, and did THIS for her friend’s birthday.

But the Apprentice wasn’t quite so diligent, and I had to finish it for her.I loved the button accent!

While all of this other sewing was going on, Blue Eyed Boy decided that HE had to have a pillow too.  He even “helped” a bit.

I attempted my first ever string blocks, and I’m quite pleased!

So was Blue Eyed Boy!

And no, I didn’t forget Brown Eyed Boy, either.

Please forgive the crappy shots—they wouldn’t give me the pillows back long enough to go outdoors for better pictures!!  LOL

Now to get back to work on Sunset Over Hawaii.  The applique work is very time consuming.

peace and pieces,

2 responses to “Pillows, Pillows, and MORE pillows!

  1. Yea! New sewers and cool projects.

  2. Those pillows are beautiful!!! 🙂

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