potential projects–for ME!

Mother In Law bought me some GORGEOUS fat quarters from Amish Country.  I’m messing around with Electric Quilt software trying to come up with a plan.

I LOVE EQ!!  Here is another option.  Colors are kind of off, but it’s close.

Not sure which I prefer.  Hmmmm…..need to let this marinate a bit.

And I signed up to possibly get this fat 1/8th pack.
Hmm–kind of small.  But I can link you to it!  It’s by Bloomerie Fabrics.  I didn’t win the chance to use it for free, so I bought it.  Not quite sure what to do with it, but I know I want a hand project.  I have a weekend thing coming up, and my Hexi Project is too big now.  I really need to finish that.

Connecting Threads has a free download pattern of a English Paper Pieced Wedding Ring.  That could be interesting!

Or even just a honeycomb pattern.

Decisions Decisions!!   I hope that fabric is here by Thursday!!

peace and pieces,

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