Batiks for kids-a tutorial

I wanted to do Batiks with the kids, but the traditional hot wax method was not exactly safe.  I found 2 different tutorials.  I like the ease of the Glue Method, but I only had flour.  So it was good ole fashioned paste for me!

Doesn’t THIS look yummy?   BrownEyed Boy of COURSE tasted it.  He is brainddead, I swear.

We loaded it into zip top bags and snipped the tip.  Put the unsnipped bag into a cup for easy loading.

Then, start designing!!!  I did mostly geometric kinds of things.  the kids all did their names.

They lost interest really quick. This will sit and dry overnight, and we add the paint next.   I’m sure that’ll perk them up!


Day 2

Day 2 is when we add the paint. I crumpled up my pieces to crack the glue.  I wanted the paint to seep into the cracks.  I put about this much paint in the bottom of a (wait for it….) Red Solo Cup  (giggle) and added water to the first set of lines.

And then, we just painted!!!!

I didn’t get pics of this step really, because I was too busy doing my OWN painting!!!!  This what we ended up with at the end of this phase….

Hmmm—don’t know where WildChild’s went from this stage.  Oh well.  Now the kids all stopped here.   I did another set!  Here are MY 3, with a 2nd set of paste on over the first painting.

I let mine dry overnight and then added another coat of paint.  THEN, we had to pick off all the paste!!

And HERE are the finished fabrics!!!!  **NOTE**  These have NOT yet been washed.  I will update when we do that!



The Apprentice did 2, but hasn’t taken off the paste yet.

And Red.

Here are MY three!

So in general, SO FAR this was a success.  The big question remains–WILL the paint stay, or run?  I have decided that I’ll cut my stuff and make something (any suggestions) and then wash it.  Wish me luck!!

peace and pieces,

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