Bloomerie fabrics, take 2

So remember that sweet pack of Bloomerie fat 1/8s I got in?  It was supposed to be a hand project.  A Double Wedding Ring.   Yeah—those pieces were too tiny!!!   My fat fingers couldn’t wrap the fabric around it at all.

Soooo, TAKE 2!!!  Start sewing.  And sew some more.  Stop long enough to iron.  I was too impatient to take pictures of all the above steps.  But THIS is where I stopped to iron.

Ironed them nice and started trimming.  This time, I stopped here.

And started sewing again.  Made “bricks”.

Added white “mortar”…

And here you go!!

Notice my GORGEOUS new faucet???   Thanks HONEY!!!   I love it!

Now, the pile of scraps????  Well, the little ones will get tucked into a tiny pouch with some homegrown catnip!  The larger ones—well, stay tuned!!!!

(my newly, mostly potty-trained MiniMe!)

peace and pieces,

6 responses to “Bloomerie fabrics, take 2

  1. Oh I sooooo love \what you did with that!!!!!!!!!

  2. It looks beautiful on your windowsill! Those fabrics totally go with the plants too. Fun!

  3. What a clever project! Perfectly fits the sill — and the colors are glorious, might I add. 🙂

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