DIY room redo

These lofts were done years ago.  I think WildChild was 3 or 4.  They were cool, but you know me.  They needed PAINT.

view of stairs from the top

So Hubby brought the girls to the store and came home with these crazy colors.  I was a tad shocked, but hey—OK!  LOL

Launch Pads for the girls

The colors perfectly matched the crazy wall hanging that has ALSO been up for years! 

LOL.  Hubby and the girls started the painting, but life got in the way. And 2 baby brothers.

flash off to show the lights!

So, while they were gone, and BrownEyed Boy napped, I busted my hump.

BrownEyed Boy “helping”.  Notice the UNDERWEAR!!!

And this is the result.

Guest bed

The Apprentice walked in first. 

Then WildChild. 

Who immediately checked it out. 

And LOVED it! 

I’m really happy to see how much they liked the room.

The Apprentice’s hole

NOW, what do I do in the boys’ room?  Or maybe I should just paint the kitchen first???

WildChild’s hole

It’s good to have all my ducks in my nest again.

He is in LOVE with the camera these days.

peace and pieces,

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