A Christmas quilt for me??

A group of friends and I did a round robin a LONG time ago. 

Yes, the poor thing is hanging from pins over the rod.  I have GOT to do something with it!   Mom gave me the most gorgeous FQ’s–TWENTY Christmas ones.  I’ve been saving them because I promised I’d use them for ME and not for any client or craft fair things.  I think this is what I’ll do!!!

And I know I’ll have lots of leftovers from the FQ’s, so some scrappy table stuff, or maybe a mantle scarf.

Whatcha think??   Should I start cutting now??  I REALLY have other projects to do!  LOL

peace and pieces,

6 responses to “A Christmas quilt for me??

  1. I like this!! And I think the scraps should be a mantle scarf. That would be really pretty at Christmas. And then you could decorate the mantle.

  2. Love. Rug mug, table runner, or place mats from scraps. Really nice.

  3. I love it!!!

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