I stumbled across this in The Quilt Life.  “Why do you quilt?”  So??   Why DO you quilt? Or create?  Craft/sew/scrapbook?  

For the most part, I quilt because it STAYS DONE!!  LOL  The dogs will always shed. The cat will always throw up right after I steam clean the carpets.  The kids will always spill on the freshly mopped floor.  Laundry and dishes—-let’s NOT go there!!  LOL  But the quilting…..unless I screw up really bad, the quilting always stays quilted!

So tell me—why do YOU create?

peace and pieces,

2 responses to “WHY?

  1. Since you asked 🙂
    I create with beading and yarn and cross stitich as a way to reinvent myself I think. By day I run a lab of one (me), its all science and has rules and regs that must be followed. Beading, knitting, crochet, and cross stitch allow me to relax by breaking rules or re-creating rules. I’m calmer when I create. I’m happier when I create. And so far no one has complained about the gifts. 😉

  2. I think you have great reasons! And I have to say, I am happier when I create too!

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