ALMOST ready!!

I finished the Hawaiian quilt set.  It is GORGEOUS!  I used flannel on the back.  Since it shrinks more than cotton, it was SUPER crinkly.  And SOFT.  I love that look!

I will show full pictures after she gets it.  We head to the mailing center TODAY!

And I have several other projects.  I finally finished the top using the FQ’s my MotherInLaw gave me.  I have to get that quilted very soon.  I also made a top with what will be a for-sale pattern.  It’s AWESOME.  This is the top, and the cross on top will be QUILTED into it!! 

These are 2 tops and the hawaiian. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me—-my 3rd child starts PreSchool today!!  Oh DEAR!  LOL  I’m getting OLD!

peace and pieces,

2 responses to “ALMOST ready!!

  1. Great quilt. Feeling old? my baby is 41 on Saturday!!!

  2. LOL I still have 1 left at home, but still—3 in school!! It’ll be an adjustment!

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