Baby Boy Quilt

For this quilt, I used 4 Squared in the Moda Bakeshop.  They used white as the solid.   I decided to try brown!   Gives it a whole different look, doesn’t it?

Since it was for a boy, I wanted more of a “manly” feel.  And for some reason, swirly quilting just wasn’t quite what I wanted. 

I just sort of randomly made boxes.   I LOVE the way this came out.  I ended up doing it on my Bernina instead of the LA.  I have no idea how to do ruler work, yet. Time to start practicing.

And of COURSE, my butterfly!

peace and pieces,

3 responses to “Baby Boy Quilt

  1. I love the colors in this. Are the colors from a jelly roll collection I could get or from your stash? I think the bright and brown is a perfect balance and any boy will love this. I would never had thought of brown to replace black or white. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    • This came from several sets. I had a jelly roll set, and a FQ pack, but I’m not sure where I got either of the. Parts were used for other projects. The solids are all Connecting Threads things. There was brown in many of the prints, so I thought I’d try it! People at Hobby Lobby and Hancock must think I’m hilarious! Auditioning fabrics at the cutting table!!

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