All Paths….

I’ve been working on a pattern.  I think I have it ironed out, but will need to make one more to test it out. It will be a PDF pattern for sale.  If you want to start amassing the supplies, I used 2 charm packs, and two 1 yard cuts to make the center.  The borders were from my stash, so I’ll have to work those out.

Notice the “paths” that lead to the center.  I want to quilt in a cross.  “All Paths, good and bad, lead to the Cross”  With some help from a quilty buddy, she led me to the pattern!  Thanks, Steam!  (Shoot LOTS of buddies helped!  My Partner Dot was in on 90% of the design process, and Manders and Squirrel helped as well.)

Yesterday, during naptime, I drew it out.  I have one other quilt that must be done first, but All Paths is calling me!

This is destined for a friend of mine who is having a rather rough spot right now.  She is an amazing woman, and very strong in her Faith.  She will love this.

peace and pieces,

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