Hawaiian Stylin’

According to UPS Tracking info, this was JUST delivered.  So I’m posting the blog I wrote last week.   I pray they enjoy this as much as I did.


I was asked to create a totally unique baby suite for an old college friend, his too sweet wife, and their brand new baby girl. 

The pictures aren’t nearly as good as usual.  It’s been a MILLION degrees outside.  So I had to set up indoors. 

I used Connecting Threads Batiks, and the bright teal is a Robert Kaufman.  It came out amazing!

Hard to believe this set will live in Alaska!  LOL

LOVED the ruffled skirt!   So girly.

The 2 long inner panels were striped.  Only the back panel had the hibiscus detail.

That hibiscus was a pain to work with, but SOOOOO worth it!

The front panel has 3 waves rolling across it. 

I wanted a touch more color on the front, hence the waves.

AND the sweet ORANGE bows!

I used flannel on the back, so it quilted up extra crinkly once washed.

See how pretty that hibiscus is?   Yup—totally worth it!!
And last, a small throw pillow.  I wish now that I’d made it larger.  But I really have no scraps left!!!!!  And a pop of orange.  Piping and quilting are both orange.

I really enjoyed this set.  It stretched my brain to design it, and stretched my skills to applique it.  And I’m just realizing that I have no good pictures of the back!  But I double color quilted it.

This was a cell picture.   and the only one I have!  rats.

Oh well.  It’s done, and shipped.  And in it’s new home.   On to the next project!!

peace and pieces,

8 responses to “Hawaiian Stylin’

  1. Love the colors and the design. You did a super job.

  2. I’m impressed! That one’s really cool. The kid will be doing the hula before she can walk!

  3. Lovely! Great job!

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  5. Awestruck. That is beautiful and very unique. What a great gift for your friend.

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