Post Cards

The Apprentice has embarked on a Community Service project.  

This Thursday is Grandparents Day at the Council on Aging.   So Apprentice and I made 60 fabric postcards to hand out.   Going through the scraps brings back memories.   This is from my Mom’s quilt.  One of the first I made.

This one was for my college roomie.   Her first child received this quilt.

This was a Saints Themed quilt for a friend.

And don’t worry–we didn’t forget the GrandFATHERS.

On the back, we made a line, wrote post card, and an icon for the stamp.

Slap a “Forever” stamp on this, and it’s perfectly legal to go through the mail!  Awesome, huh?

Check out this stack?   I love this kid.

Try to do something nice for someone this week, ok?

peace and pieces,

4 responses to “Post Cards

  1. What a great idea. Great also that one of your kids worked so hard in this, too. They are never too young to learn to do things for others. Cute!

  2. Way to go Gabs!!!!!!!!!! I told your Mama to do that 2 yrs ago. YOU ROCK! And it’s SO nice to do something thoughtful for the Grannies & Grumpsies in the council!

    Love, Aunt Les

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