Glorious Autumn Block Party!

The Giveaway is closed.  But please enjoy the free pattern!!


The wonderful Michelle at Quilting Gallery has been giving us a walkthrough to these amazing blocks!  In her words…

“Over 15 weeks, 45 designers will create 12″ blocks for the Glorious Autumn Block Party. These blocks will be featured, three per week, on the Quilting Gallery site starting September 4th. In addition to the blocks, there will be Super Deals for Quilters from our favourite online retailers. Be sure to check each designer’s post, as many will be offering give-aways on their own site that everyone can participate in.”

My bio with some cute pics is on The Quilting Gallery‘s main page.

And now it is MY turn!!   Here in SW Louisiana, teal season has already opened.  Duck and goose seasons will open shortly.  The hunters around here get up before the sun, and sit in their blinds (usually freezing their patooties off) and wait for the sun to rise.  This is my representation of a goose in front of the sunrise.

The base of the block is easy, but tedious.  I used 1 inch squares to make a bargello-ish block.   Took me a WHILE, but they all came from the scrap bin.  Leftovers from strips sets, bits from squaring up quilts, etc.  I sat down and picked out 14 shades.   This was what I had the first time.There was WAY too much pattern.   Soooo, I flipped most of them over!!!!   Yes folks, you ARE allowed to use the backside!  Doesn’t this look MUCH better?

You will need 1.5 inch strips.  I could have used the bargello method-long skinny strips, sewn with strip piecing, etc but I had several pieces that weren’t going to work.   Sooooo, bunches of tiny, 1.5 inch squares!!!

I STRONGLY recommend some sort of labeling system.   I did not, and the cat decided it made a great resting place.   And when she skeddadled, the pieces went everywhere.  Thankfully, I had the above picture to reference!  Darn cat.

This will take concentration.   I recommend a glass of wine, and nobody to interrupt you.  LOL  I used the EQ mockup to keep my rows in order.  You can do one row at a time, or several, or all.   That part is up to you.  Once you have the 12 rows (sorry-forgot the picture) sew them into pairs.

Then put all the rows together and press VERY well!

The take the template plain duck and create your applique.   (Yes, I know it’s a goose.   Not sure why I named it duck)  I used raw edge with a blanket stitch to hold it down.  The pattern is already reversed.

In this picture, I have already added a 2inch border in the darkest blue.

Finish it whichever way you’d like!  I added 3 rows of Flying Geese, and a panel for a Welcome sign.

Next order of business, a GIVEAWAY!!   I hand picked, especially for YOU, 10 Fat 1/8s. 

I visited my local quilt shop, Quilts Bayou, so these are all good, quality quilter’s cottons.   Aren’t these yummy?  I see another wall hanging, or a bag.  Perfect colors for fall!!  To win this bundle, tell me what your favorite fall food is.  That’s it!   No hoops.   I’d LOVE if you’d subscribe to my blog, or visit me on FaceBook, or even Twitter.   I have Flicker too.  And Pinterest!  But the ONLY requirements are that you comment below, AND that I have a way to contact you.   (I have to re-give away a set of mugrugs from 2 weeks ago, because the person who won hasn’t gotten in touch with me.)  A name will be selected no earlier than Friday, October 6, 2012.   For those of you who are NOT quilters/sewers/crafters, I offer you this—if you win, I’ll make a table runner or small wall hanging with these fabrics instead.  Deal??

It would also be awesome if you’d at least check out the 2 other designers this week.  We all worked very hard on our blocks.   Sew Joy creations  and Harding Hill join me this week.  And for the entire list, head to the Glorious Autumn page!

Thank you again for visiting.   I really hope you enjoy my block.

peace and pieces,

153 responses to “Glorious Autumn Block Party!

  1. Pumpkin Pie. And the block turned out awesome like always! Congrats!

  2. I love homemade vegetable soup this time of year. It is so belly warming am makes the house smell good while it is cooking. thanks for the change to win. I am glad you used the “other side”, i made the block so much better.

  3. Soup which I don’t make until it gets cooler. Awesome block/wallhanging

  4. My favorite fall food is chili!!!

  5. My favorite fall food is stew. Nothing is better than the heavenaly aroma of stew in the crockpot on a chilly fall day! Love your wallhanging, by the way.

  6. caramel apples….yummy

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  7. Donuts – any shape or size are not safe any where around me! :o)

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  9. I love a big crock pot of stew. Thanks

  10. you can’t beat a jacket spud with cheese!

  11. Shawarma sandwiches, chips, my hubby’s home made pizza, ribs, spinach with strawberries… it’s way too hard to choose. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. I love the block!! You inspire quilting fantasies in my head. The kind where I channel my inner version of you and make something amazing with my children’s baby clothes (which I have saved for just such a memory quilt that I have no clue how to make.) I love reading your blog, thank you for the inspiration!
    Favorite fall food – turkey. I love a good roasted turkey. It makes the house smell so good! And since turkeys are so huge, the family is generally over watching football too. Turkey and football are a great combination. 🙂

  13. Butternut squash soup and shoo fly pie.
    Love you quilts.

  14. Wow, I love your door hanger. Very cool. My favorite fall food right now is: homemade pumpkin ice cream. Thanks for a chance to win.

  15. I love your block so much. It’s one I HAVE to make soon. I’m new to your blog, subscribing now 🙂

  16. oops, I forgot, fave food for this time of year: spicy hot soup. Yumm x

  17. I just discovered your blog through the Quilting Gallery email/post. I am just now getting seriously into quilting and loved your step-by-step posts! My favorite fall food is easily freshly picked apples. Second to that would have to be butternut squash and apple soup. Yum!

  18. Favorite food is good ol’ Texas Chili on a brisk football afternoon. I don’t really like the too spicy kind, just with enough kick to let you say hello to it. Your block is really amazing. I’m working now on a queen size quilt with 1 1/2 strips cut into varying lengths and put back together log cabin style. Those are tiny pieces and you have to talk to yourself to get them in the right place. Thanks for sharing your great imagination.

  19. The block is marvelous!! My favorite fall food is candy corn. What??! I’m just being real … and honest! 🙂

  20. Honestly just about anything that goes in the oven because in NC I do not use the oven in the summer…but if I have to pick it’s Sweet Potato Pie! Makes me salivate just thinking about it, and I do love a cup of pumpkin latte, too! Love your flying geese, all of them! B-)

  21. my favorite fall time food is cabbage, cabbage rolls cabbage soup cabbage pan fried love cabbage

  22. Soup…Soup…soup… I love it with cornbread, garlic bread,crackers,chips!!!!!
    also gotta say that I love this square!

  23. I Love homemade chicken noodle soup and pecan pie!

  24. Everyone’s favorite food is really making me hungry. Must be time to eat. Crockpot stews or soups would be my favorites. Smells so good and so easy to prepare for dinner. I love your block. So easy and yet so clever. Thank you for joining in the Autumn Block Party and making your block a wonderful contribution.

    Sandi T.

  25. My favourite fall food is pumpkin pie! Anything made with pumpkin says fall to me. I love the block you designed. I’ve never tried to use such small squares before but I love the sunrise effect. I think I’ll go make a pumpkin latte now. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. I love your block. It is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the opportunity on the draw.

  27. Girl!! South Louisiana and you ask about A favorite food????? Holy cow just look at me and you will know I LOVE FOOD!!!!! Cabbage, chicken, onion, garlic, grilled veggies, hot dogs, steak…..I think you get the idea. And it’s even better when I don’t have to cook it or clean up after it.

  28. I love black bean chili and cornbread! thank you for the block pattern and giveaway!

  29. I love anything made with apples; apple cake, apple bars, apple pie, and homemade apple butter. Can’t wait until we can get some apples from an orchard. I really like your block and am looking forward to seeing what others make.

  30. I would have to say chili is my favorite fall food, but all the other ideas really made me hungry. I love the block used as the door hanging – what are the sizes of your flying geese and Welcome? Would love to make my own. I am a subscriber and enjoy all your work. Thanks for putting a block in this blog hop.

  31. Homemade cream of chicken soup with a slice of homemade bread slathered in butter.

  32. Home made chili! Your hanging is beautiful

  33. My favorite food around this time of the year is sweet potato pie and my WDH’s turkery rolls. YUM! I love your door hanging and the fabrics are devine. Enjoyed visiting today and I am a follower by email and twitter. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to visiting soon….Judith, Texas

  34. Loooooove your Welcome Hanging!!! Gorgeous!! You do grrrrreat work!
    Our favorite food for Fall? Hmmm… only one? Well…has to be soups!! With Cornbread of course! lol
    Thanks for chance to win your Drawing!! 🙂

  35. Already Follow you thru Email….love your Blog!
    Thanks for second chnace at winnin’! 🙂

  36. I love being able to have soups again and anything made with pumpkins. Mom used to fry pumpkin that we’d put on hot buttered biscuits. I’ve never tasted anything better than that.

  37. It’s time to make the switchover from salads for summer to soups. Just right for dinner with some good bread. Warms you right up. And it’s time to look for my pumpkin cheesecake recipe for Thanksgiving.

    I really like your block. It’s given me some ideas and definitely makes me want to finish the bargello I’ve got started.

  38. It is a beautiful block, Amy! I love the colors!

    I stopped by to tell you how beautiful the quilt is, but then I saw the fabrics in the giveaway…soups, bread and apple pie would be my choice of food 🙂

  39. Here in England I like swede and carrot mash – so warm and comforting. I love your block – it is stunning. You have set the bar high – I am ‘up’ next Thursday.

  40. I love anything in a crockpot. Warm and comf

  41. My favorite fall food is pumpkin pie. Your quilt block is beautiful and I could really use some fall fabric to add to my stash. Thanks for the tutorial and the giveaway.

  42. Pumpkin anything says fall to me!

  43. As soon as the weather gets cool everyone in my family asks for my chili. It is probably my favorite Fall food as well. I had to create the recipe after making it for years and years and yet never having a recipe. One of my twins begged me to please get it written down because he was afraid someday I’d be gone and take that recipe with me. It took awhile but I got it done after making huge pots over and over until the taste was perfect. Then I had to cut the recipe down since I always made it in my 20 quart soup pot and I didn’t figure he’d want to make that much. ha.

    Your welcome wall hanging is GORGEOUS! If my father was still living I would be making this for him for Christmas for sure. He was a judge by profession but also one of those strange men that would go out and freeze his backend off sitting in swampy land in his duck blinds waiting for a duck or good to fly past. LOL

  44. My favorite fall food is probably turkey. But sweet potato pecan pie is a very close second. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love how the air become crisp. All the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen in the fall are so comforting. And out come all the quilts to snuggle under while watching movies or reading a book!

  45. My absolute favourite food this time of the year, between the rain and storms, is apple pie with apples from my own tree, with homemade vanilla sauce!

  46. soup because you can put it on in the morning and just add cornbread

  47. Your block is so neat. I like it a lot.
    thanks so much for the giveaway.
    My favorite fall food is an apple cake that I usually make during Autumn.

  48. I love Fall and everything about it. Favorite food… hmmm that’s a toughy. I have two and can’t decide which is better. A big pot of Chilli with homemade chedder herb biscuits and Apple Pie.

  49. I love pumpkin pie. I love your block.

  50. Beautiful! I love the colors you chose and the image it evokes of sunrise. I hadn’t thought of flipping the fabric over to use the back! 😉

    My favorite fall food is pumpkin bread. I LOVE a warm loaf of pumpkin bread with some tea.

    Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  51. For everyday it would be Chili and cornbread, but Turkey and Dressing at Thanksgiving is my favorite.

  52. Hiya! Broccoli Rice Casserole!!! I know that it can be made at any time of the year, but my mother always made it for fall family get-togethers. I’ve had others since then, but none taste just like what she used to make. Thank you for having the giveaway, the fabrics are awesome. Blessed be, hugs!!!

  53. love pumpkin, pie, pudding, bread! i make and enjoy with great gusto!
    love your ‘autumn sunrise’ and hope to make it soonest! thanx for the chance to win your autumn bundle.

  54. I am really enjoying this Glorious Autumn blog hop! At first…your block sounded like a lot of work 🙂 but look at that gorgeous wall hanging! I have to make one! I love it 🙂 Thank you for sharing it. It really speaks Autumn which is my favorite season of all. As to favorite foods I was going to say Halloween candy (lol) but I will instead go with the dressing that comes with a turkey Thanksgiving dinner…always a favorite…along with apples and pastries made with apples 🙂
    That is one awesome fall giveaway! Gorgeous fabrics! Thank you!

  55. As the colder weather creeps in there is nothing more comforting to eat than a homemade stew with dumplings.
    I plan to start your block tomorrow, I have never attempted a Bargello design before.
    Love the fabrics you have as a giveaway,

  56. I love anything with pumpkin in it – food or beverage. Love your work. I’m working on my first quilt for my granddaughter’s American Girl dolls, then onto to something bigger. Thanks for the opportunity to win such beautiful fabrics.

  57. Pumpkin pie and egg nog…oh, i want some now!

  58. Hi!!! I love your goose pattern!!!! I like veggie soup, especially with any remaining homegrown veggies!!!!

  59. WOW!

  60. We are in Spring here in West Australia, so have to think about what I love to cook in Autumn, I guess you could say soup would be on the menu. Vegie soup made with produce from my garden.

    Happy days.

  61. My mother’s homemade potato soup with riffles. Out of this world delicious!!!
    I love the wall hanging – I think it may become a Christmas gift for my brother.

  62. pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies…….

  63. Pumpkin bars with thick cream cheese frosting. Yummy!!

  64. Jenelle Boxberger

    I couldn’t help myself I just had to sign up for your blog. So many good fall time things to eat. My first thought was caramel apples. Then I thought Chilli. Love your wall quilt. Thanks for sharing your talent and thanks for the chance to win the beautiful fabric.

  65. I love a fresh stew full of wonderful garden fresh vegetables. With the cooler days, it always seem perfect for fall.

  66. I absolutely love your wall hanging!!! So creative and lovely! My favorite autumn food is chili!!! Just made my first batch this week!!! I love seeing your email in my in-box – makes me smile every time! Awesome giveaway – thanks for the opportunity!!!

  67. I do love your block, and I’ll be signing up to follow you rickety tick! I think my favorite fall food is homemade applesauce. Or maybe cider. Maybe it’s the candy apples. Oh wait – it’s pumpkin pie.. oh, heck, you name it, I’ll eat it!! Thanks for the luscious giveaway!!

  68. Homemade pumpkin soup with cheese scones – delish 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway – I’ll enjoy following your blog.

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  70. My favourite fall foods are apple pudding (with apples from our tree) and French onion soup (made with onions from our garden). Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway. Those fabrics are delicious!

  71. Your giveaway is very generous. I would make a table runner to put under a tureen of my fall favorite–pumpkin curry soup. Mmmmmmm.

  72. Beautiful quilt! My favorite fall food is Chili!

  73. Love the colours. Just subscribed to your blog. My favourite fall food is Thanksgiving turkey.

  74. Oh what beautfil colors. Thanks for the Chance to win. My favaorite fall food is Apple PIe baked from fresh picked apples on our trees. Of course we have apples in Washington State. Tthanks so Much.

  75. Love your design the best!!

  76. Turkey dinner!! Love the block

  77. My favorite fall food is pumpkin anything:( yummy!!!!!
    I have been to Quilts Bayou when I went to see my daughter in MS. I live in TX…nice shop!

  78. All pumpkin foods…from soup to whoopie pies! Beautiful block!

  79. Denise Shroth-Manzo

    I love this Block! I was looking for something different for a swap I am in and I think this will be the way to go.
    My favorite fall food is difficult because I think it is a meal. What we eat every year on Halloween. Potato Pancakes and Beet Soup. It is very yummy.

  80. My favorite food is cranberry walnut muffins! Serve them warm with butter and warm up your tummy for breakfast! Beautiful block and can’t wait to make it! Thanks so much for the chance to win the beautiful fall fabric.

  81. pumpkin pie!!!!!

  82. Beautiful block, squeek! My fave thing in the fall is anything baked. I just made apple streussel muffins!

  83. I’m just now catching up with you block designers from this week. My favorite fall food would be Butternut squash soup. yummy and simple.

  84. Apple dumplings are a favorite fall food!

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  85. Pumpkin pie . For some reason, we only have it in fall

  86. Pumpkin bread is my favorite. Easy to make, good for you, and yummy anytime of day!

  87. I love your quilt! Meatballs made from moosemeat eaten with lingonberryjam, that is a favoritemeal in fall.
    Gun, Sweden

  88. The goose (duck!) really sets off the pieced work, lovely. My favourite fall treat is a pumpkin spice latte! hmm, I think I need to have one today 🙂

  89. Hot homemade chunky applesauce with a scoop of ice cream. The aroma in the house while on the stove is so delicious!

  90. My favorite fall food is pumpkin cheesecake, which makes my mouth water. Your wall hanging is beautiful.

  91. fresh raw carrot’s, I was at the fall fare yesterday. and got my carrot’s.

  92. I love acorn squash and pumpkin soup for fall.

  93. I am absolutely in awe of your creations. They are so beautiful. I fell into your website through an email I received. I followed the links because I am looking for fabrics to make a quilted turtle pin cushion. Such fun. I do beading and it looks like there could be projects where the two could be integrated. Something I can follow up on. My favourite autumn food is Three Sisters soup, which is a traditional native dish.

  94. I love Cheddar cauliflower soup. I make a few batches every fall when caulifower is abundant in the stores.

  95. I love oven baked sweet potatoes–my beloved mom could do them best. I have/am passing the taste on to my lovely granddaughter. I just subscribed to your blog. I live next door to you–Mississippi. I can relate to your story of duck hunters!!!!


  96. I love fried corn on the cob, even if the corn has to come from the freezer. It’s just corn fried like french fries until some of the kernels brown.

    Nice to meet you! This immediately caught my attention… It’s so pretty! The colors are wonderful!
    My favorite fall foods: homemade citrus cider, and anything pumpkin: muffins, cookies, pie, cream of pumpkin soup!

  98. Squash. I loved the way my Mom would make squash. Have not been able to duplicate it.

  99. My favorite fall food is …..wait for it……pumpkins seeds!! I only get them when carving pumpkins!!

  100. We get excited when Honey Crisp Apples appear in the stores. We love them!

  101. I love anything pumpkin! I have a loaf of pumpkin bread on the counter now.

  102. I really love Autumn! The nip in the air and the changing leaves! Without a doubt my favorite fall food is pumpkin! I love pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup and pumpkin muffins….all so yummy! Love your quilt and blog, I have joined!

  103. I love the fall as that is when I turn on the oven and make Apple Strudel the Old World Style, and the way my mother and both grandmothers made it. I also like to make Plum Dumplings. Fall is the only time it can be made as the Italian Plums (or Prune Plums) are available only at the time (usually available about 2-3 weeks only)

  104. Eva Pearce-Ingram

    I love vegetable soup this time of the year. Sweet potatoes are my favorite food. The little block is beautiful, great fall colors.

  105. My favorite food for fall is lamb roast.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. I love your block!!! It’s been fun following the Block Party and I’ve seen a lot of interesting sites. My favorite fall food is pumpkin pie and apple dumplings. Thanks for the chance to win that beautiful fabric.

  107. Pumpkin pie, no other food tops my list in the fall.

  108. Oh I love pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. Not together.
    Thanks for a lovely collection of fabric.

  109. home made vegetable beef soup, cooking all day long simmering in the pot….thank u ma’am…

  110. Apple Crisp is my favourite fall food…and of course topped off with whipped cream….mmmmmm!

  111. Pecan Pie topped with vanilla ice cream

  112. My favorite fall food….baked apples with raisins, pecans, brown sugar and butter…gotta be Jonathon apples!

  113. My favorite fall food is sweet potato pie! I love it and if I do say so myself, my sweet potato pie is the “bomb”!

  114. El pastel de castañas

  115. This time of year when it gets cool outside a good pot of homemade chilli with crackers always sounds real good!! Love your block!

  116. I’d pick pumpkin roll! Such a wonderful dessert! i’d love to win. debgiro at wildblue dot net

  117. Pumpkin Bread followed closely by vegetarian chili, & leftover turkey soup.

    I love your block and the way you presented it. Thanks for the opportunity to win without having to have a special account.

  118. anything with apples!!! I love the block, can’t wait to try it!

  119. I love apple recipes in the fall and also soups. I love your block and I can’t wait to get started on it

  120. Favorite fall food – Pumpkin, anything pumpkin…Love your block/wallhanging..Thanks for the chance to win..

  121. Love that block! Will have to make it for sure even though it will be a pain.

  122. Sorry, my favorite food for Fall is Thanksgiving dinner. 🙂

  123. I enjoy soups and while I’m always looking for good soup recipes, I’m rather partial to a lentil soup recipe I have.


  124. Fantastic block!one of my favorite fall food is pumpkin fritters,chickpea stew with cod balls and pumpkin.

  125. Love your block – my son is one of those mighty hunters waiting for the sun to rise and freezing his patootie off. While he was still in high school him and his buddies went out goose hunting before school. They just threw thier ‘harvest’ in my freezer and off to school they went. I not knowing what they had done, went to get a pkg of steak for dinner and found 5 geese — whole geese — feathers and all in my freezer. These fowl are not my favorite fall food. I love sipping hot spiced cider with applesauce cookies fresh from the oven in front of a warm fire, curled up in my favorite lap quilt.

  126. Apple cider and pumpkin pie are my fav’s – and warm apple fritters!

  127. My favorite fall food is homemade apple pie and vegetable stew. Thanks for a chance to win.

  128. I love your ‘welcome’ hanging!
    This time of year I love homemade soup! Today we had leek and potato!

  129. I love your block ,but I really love your Welcome quilt


  131. Roslyn Chapella

    There is nothing like a hot Turkey dinner with salt beef and the works. Our familys favourite. You just can’t beat it. Love you blocks they are awesome.

  132. Chili!!! And I’m making a big pot of it this evening!

  133. Colleen Lockwood

    Anything with pumpkin!!!

  134. Betty Ann Carroll

    Pumpkin Nut Bread or Pear Pie!! Love your block!

  135. Wow. Love the contrast and the sunrise effect. My favorite fall food…stuffing. Yes, I can skip the turkey, nothing says fall better than stuffing.

  136. Oh my gosh!! What a fantastic block. I can’t wait to make one for myself. I love the way you put it together with the flying geese strips.
    My favorite fall food is a zucchini casserole made with eggs,onion, mayo and lots of parmesan cheese. Thanks for the chance to win those gorgeous fabrics.

  137. Love Pumpkin Pie!


    My favorite fall food is chili. I love your quilt block!

  139. My favorite Fall food is my Mom’s homemade cornbread dressing– her’s is without a doubt the best I have ever had– and she doesn’t use a recipe, so I can’t seem to get mine to taste just *right*… guess I’ll just have to keep trying . 🙂

    I love your wall hanging– looks just like the sunset! I’ve been wanting to try something like this– now I feel inspired!! I have followed you on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook! Thank you for taking part in Glorious Autumn and for the chance to win! 🙂

  140. Chicken and dumplings has to be my #1 favorite. Can’t wait to work on your block.

  141. I love the idea of using the BACKS of the fabric!
    At this time of year, I start thinking how good some potato soup would be.

  142. Love the block. My favorite fall food is dutch apple pie and homemade vegetable soup with left overs from the garden.


  143. I love your block! and the neat little welcome sign it made! My favorite fall food is soup!!! Any kind! I’m following you on all your stuff! 😉 amateurquilter at gmail

  144. That is such a lovely wall hanging and so easy when you explain it like you did! Heading into Summer here, but my usual Autumn fare is cinnamon toast and hot chocolate (great afternoon tea when the kids come home from school). Thanks for visiting my blog too 🙂

  145. I think of hot apple pie this time of year with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side – yum. Quilt is beautiful, love the colors and design.

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  147. I will have to say my favorite Fall Food is….
    a big bowl of sea food chowder and home made bread with a tall glass of southern ice tea

  148. My favorite fall food is Barbecue, perfect for a brisk fall day. I love your Welcome hanging, so pretty. Thanks for the chance .

  149. If blackberries are still available, I love to make and eat blackberry cobbler but if the fresh ones are done, I like apple crisp made with lots of brown sugar, butter, oats and a bit of cinnamon. I love bargello quilts and the duck on top of your color selection really sets this block off.

  150. My favorite fall food is pecan pie, followed by pumpkin pie. Your bargello block is striking in the color arrangement.
    A long time ago I lived in Patterson, LA and worked in Morgan City. Here in Florida it is deer season, and dove season opens soon.

  151. thank you for the chance. My favorite food is baked chicken.

  152. My favorite fall food is lasagna with salad and warm bread. The fall has been here for a wild, it comes early here in Norway.. But I love it!! 🙂
    I love your quilt, it’s really beautiful..

  153. I would love to win the beautiful fall fabric.
    Maybe I could make a quilt half as beautiful as yours are.

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