LadyBugs, and a BIG Thank YOU!

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments and love yesterday!  66 comments and counting!  Although, I’m really regretting the “favorite food” request–it’s made me HUNGRY!!  LOL  For those of you who havn’t seen, please go to Autumn Sunrise, and enter the giveaway.

Now, look at this sweet twin!

Not my usual color scheme, at ALL.   But the client gets what the client wants!  And she loves it!   The back is cute, too!

I am getting much better at specialized meandering.  Yesterday I made shamrocks!  For this quilt-ladybugs!  They look JUST like the profiled bugs on the green fabric.

Now to head to town.   Must have food, and FABRIC!

peace and pieces,

3 responses to “LadyBugs, and a BIG Thank YOU!

  1. Really LOVE that Autumn Sunrise thingy!!!!

  2. Amy, love your picture! Instead of singing in the rain, you are quilting in the yard!

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